Nom Nom La!


Nom Nom La! is a new Penang street food restaurant that offers a vibrant, modern and relaxed haven for food lovers.

Penang is synonymous with being the place for diverse and eclectic food offerings. Just like the food itself, the brand fuses together Asian cultures but with a modern twist. Influences come from Islamic patterns, Malay colour palettes and Asian pop culture. Food in Malaysia is celebrated for being unique and is at the heart of the brand.

The logo itself incorporates the celebration of food by having the name encased in a tiffin box shape. This is in honour of the local Penangite who would pack their lunch on the back of their bicycle ready for a day’s work. The name Nom Nom La! derives from the sounds made by eating a satisfying meal (nom nom) and the local slang (lah).


Nom Nom La!



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