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Tattoo Woman Riso

No one knows her real name. Some people call her Tattoo Woman, some people call her Skull Crusher. With the strength of 10 bisons, Tattoo Woman has been known to challenge and defeat the strongest contenders across the world with just her left leg.  

    Tattoo Woman Riso

      • 2 colour Risograph.
      • 240gsm Munken Lynx 
      • Dispatched flat with separate cardboard in a rigid card envelope.
      • Measures 21 cm x 29.7 cm (A4).
      • Limited edition of 200.
      • Using soy-based inks, risographs is an environmentally friendly alternative.
      • Due to the nature of the printing method, each print will be slightly different, with possible mis-registrations between layers and imperfections. This gives risograph prints it's unique charm.
      • The ink is similar to that of a newspaper print and never completely dries. Prints should be handled carefully to avoid fingerprints and smudging.   
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